Beard Care

Beard Care

Congratulations! You just took the first step in growing a magnificent beard. Thank you for supporting small business in Buffalo, Let's Get Growing.


-Clean your face

-Dry your beard

-Apply beard oil directly to face. Place dropper as close to the skin as you can, apply drops of oil on each side of your face. Sideburns, cheeks, mustache, and chin.

-Rub beard oil into skin beneath the beard

-Comb residual oil through your beard

-Comb thoroughly to detangle and straighten hairs

-Using the wooden chip, scrape a small amount of balm from tin

-Rub the balm between the palms of your hands to make it pliable

-Apply balm to beard, rubbing down to the skin

-Comb residual balm through your beard

-Style your beard

-Be Amazing

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